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Ad Groot, Giorgi Shengelia and Loes Woudt, together form the Group “ArtStudios Bergen”

Two artists from Bergen, each with their own Studio, work together with Galerie Zinc Exposities (Gallery Zinc Exhibitions) in Bergen NH. The purpose of this Group is to support and inspire each other.

The first and Opening Exhibition of the Group will be during the Easter Weekend 2021 when Loes will exhibit, among others, several works of Ad and Giorgi. During this time Ad and Giorgi will also open their Studios to visitors. 

The combination of visiting the Gallery, as well as the Studioswhere the work was created, will be a personal and unique experience and that is why we chose the name


Every year, at the end of October, during the “ 10 days of Art (Kunst10daagse) in Bergen the Studios will be open for 10 days and Loes will exhibit various artists in Galerie Zincexposities.

We, as Group, would like to contact other artists, outside Bergen, to join us with the intention of creating exciting Exhibitions together.

For more information concerning the work of Ad and Giorgi and Zinc Exposities, go to the website.

Here, in short, a little about each one of us.

Ad Groot

The first thing that comes to mind when viewing my paintings is the way the paint is used to create  a rich structure. I am hugely inspired by nature. Recently landscapes have become a promiment theme in my work. While fluctuating between a figurative and abstract approach, I create an imaginative world in which composition and colour seek balance. The process of creation is essential here. It is a process of interaction as well as deliberate choice of direction. A painting consists of several layers of paints and pigments, together creating a rich structure.

A certain amount of stillness is essential to all my work.

website: www.adgroot.nl
instagram: @grootad

Giorgi Shengelia

Giorgi Shengelia was born in 1977 in the city of Sukhumi, Georgia. He studied art at the Academy of Art in Tbilisi.

Since 2003 Giorgi is living and working in the village of Bergen, in Northern-Holland, a safe haven behind the dunes of the North Sea coast. Here Giorgi makes paintings and mixed media mostly. Besides he is working on installations and sculptures. He is even active in photography.

The amount of subjects Giorgi expresses in his work are endless: nature, city life, landscape, daily life, home, love, food, people, as I said: limitless. As a visual artist he is fascinated by the tensions and clashes between the reality and the artificial, the visual and elusive and the past and the future.

The sensitive paintings of Giorgi Shengelia range from abstract to figurative, wildly drawn or with great precision, on canvas, paper or wood. All of varying sizes. His expressive sculptures are mostly made out of steel and objects from the scrap-heap.

Making art, celebrating life and living in freedom are Giorgi’s keywords for now and the future.

website: www.giorgishengelia.com
instagram: @giorgishengelia_art
mail: info@giorgishengelia.com
telnr: 06 26 36 90 09

Loes Woudt

For many years Loes ran “Galerie Zinc Exposities” in the centre of Bergen. Every 6 weeks there was a new exhibition showing a variety of works from artists of different disciplines- painting, sculpture, glas and ceramics. In order to create a more contemporary and personal atmosphere the Gallery has now been moved to her house, in beautiful surroudings, on the outskirts of the village. Loes would like to be a platform, not only for the Group, but als to invite artists from outside Bergen to participate with the Group and vice versa.

website: www.zincexposities.nl
mail: info@zincexposities.nl

Photos made by Rick Strooper, Pé Okx, Bastiaan Woudt en Nadine Borst.